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What's the Big Deal?

We can understand why you may not see what the fuss is about but did you know that up until we arrived, people of curly/kinky 4, 4b, 4c hair could NOT donate their hair to be turned into a wig?

Imagine growing your hair and wanting to donate it to a service to be turned into a wig and being told "No thanks, we don't accept that type of hair"..

Well that's was the reality.

Cancer, alopecia, hair loss, is no respecter of hair type. So even people with kinky/curly (4a, 4b, 4c) hair do lose their hair and like everyone else, they deserve the choice to have a wig made that is the same texture as the hair they lost.

It became important to figure this out. Every hair type is beautiful and hair is part of identity We don't want children who have lost their own hair to be forced to only access wigs of a different hair type to what they are used to due to lack of choice.

Thick Frames

Hello Gorgeous!

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